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1966 Chevy Chevelle

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Before we got our hands on this Chevelle, it had never been disassembled before. We took it apart and stripped it down to the metal to prepare for rust repair and a complete repaint with Ermine White. We were able to use the original windshield and rear window again after repairing the rust around the seals. With just over 50,000 original miles and all the original interior retained, it drove out the door looking as good as it did in 1966.        

1955 Buick Special

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We are so excited to be able to tell you about this project in progress. If you have ever been able to take a walk down Ocean Drive in South Beach Miami, chances are you may have seen it before! The same 1955 Buick Special that sat outside the Avalon Hotel for 30 years is now being restored in our shop. The close proximity to the ocean overtime had caused extensive rust. As we started to dive into working on the Buick, not only did we find that many of the parts are not salvageable, but many of the parts are no longer made. This is no small task for our team here at West Coast Classic, but with our years of experience, advanced tools, and ability to get creative; bringing this classic back to life is far from impossible.

We’ve … Read More »

1967 VW Camper

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If you’re curious to check out some of our fabrication and bodywork, this is the project for you to take a look at. This 1967 Volkswagen bus was originally used as a camper. We’ll be restoring it back to a functioning camper that will drive out the door ready to hit the road for its next adventure. This bus has been completely re-bodied. Any of the green pieces that you’ll notice in the pictures come from Klassic Fab all the way in Columbia. The new upper horizontal floor is the first one of its kind. It’s never been made before but we had it made for the bus.

We haven’t been able to order all the pieces we need. But that’s not a problem because we have made the rest here ourselves. We fabricated new patch panels behind the seats.
New pieces … Read More »

1968 Pontiac GTO

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Here is a project that many enthusiasts can relate to. Al Miller, president of BMR Suspension, has owned this GTO since the mid 80’s. At the start of the project, the sentimental value of the GTO outweighed any other value of the car. This project is proof that with enough time and dedication, no vehicle is too far gone.

90% of this car has been re-bodied. It’s been mini tubbed, with a notched frame. The wheel house has been modified to fit 13” wide 300 series tires. The floor has been modified to fit a LS3 TR6060 manual transmission. We’re smoothing the firewall and deleting anything that’s not needed.

After all the metal work was completed, the car went home to have the drivetrain fitted and returned for a few final touches. It will be painted GM Victory Red and Raptor bedlined … Read More »

1968 Chevelle Convertible

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This Chevelle arrived after having all metal work and partial body work previously completed. Our work on this car began with fitting all the trim and exterior pieces on the outside to ensure that everything fits properly. From there we will strip it back down to metal and begin the necessary bodywork. After it goes through the paint process, we’ll fully assemble the car so it’s ready to cruise all the back to Pennsylvania! As with any of our projects, just keep an eye out on our Facebook so you can see it come to life.

1971 Chevy Chevelle

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This 1971 Chevelle is a project currently in progress. The initial goal with any of our restorations is to make sure we are working with a structurally sound car. We started with media blasting it and from there moved onto completely re-body it with all new sheet metal. Right now we are in the finishing stages of welding. After the frame is painted, it will be fitted with all new BMR Suspension. It will have an LS3 with a 4L65e automatic transmission. We’ll have plenty of updates on this one on our Facebook as we get further along with it.

1961 Chevy Impala

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For this 1961 Impala, we were lucky enough to start with a fairly solid car and an already powder coated black frame. We started with all the necessary metal work to make this a structurally sound car. We did a few small panel repairs and gave it an entirely new floor. Before paint, we fit it with all upgraded suspension and a LS2 drivetrain. Once we were satisfied with the fitment, we tore it back down and prepped it for paint. It’s two toned all the way through the door jams with black and silver paint from the PPG Vibrance Collection and has a GM Victory Red stripe between the moldings. No minor detail on this Impala was overlooked. The engine covers are painted to match the exterior of the car. Once it was reassembled, it received its final buff … Read More »

1949 Chevy Pickup

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This 1949 Chevy 5 window pickup came in for restoration needing bodywork and paint. It’s painted GM Victory Red with Switch Blade Silver accents under the hood. The paintwork has earned a feature in the 2015 PPG calendar. We started with reconditioning the frame. With exception to the hood, all original sheet metal has been used. The bed is all wood with the original sides retained. It received all new trim and moldings. Be sure to keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates on this Chevy as it comes back for upgrades!

1970 Dodge Challenger

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The 1970 Challenger came in partially restored. We removed all previously installed panels to insure we were starting with a solid structure as it arrived with some lingering rust. We then properly re-installed all of the sheet metal and began our rigorous restoration process. About 90% of this car is brand new sheet metal. We thoroughly cut and made all the body lines as accurate as possible to make sure the gaps are precise. Prior to paint, all the trim pieces were installed to make sure they fit perfectly. Then we took the trim pieces back off and started painting the car. It’s painted Top Banana Yellow with flat back stripes. The Raptor bedliner is even color matched Top Banana Yellow. The car was given back to the customer as a shell so he can complete the build on … Read More »

1969 Chevy Camaro SS

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Here you can see pictures of the 1969 Camaro Super Sport that came in for bodywork, paint, and a new interior. It was completely disassembled to start with Raptor bedliner on the underside. We installed the drivetrain and moved onto the interior. We reconditioned the seats and installed all new upholstery and door panels. The exterior needed panel alignment and was then painted the same Ashen Grey Metallic as the 2012 Camaros. Stop by our Facebook to let us know what you think!

1985 Chevy Silverado

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This pickup took on a major transformation from its former life on the farm as a work truck to a completely restored cruiser in just 21 days. The bed was removed and the truck was stripped down to bare metal. We painted the frame before moving onto bodywork and paint. The Raptor bedliner was color matched to the exterior’s GM Torch Red. The emblems on the fenders were shaved along with the emblem from the tailgate to keep the smooth look of the truck. The interior received a reupholstered seat, new door panels, and new carpet.


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